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Claim your Farm

Claim your farm to associate the farm with your profile.

The main purpose of Agri24 is to give farmers easy access to information on current market conditions. Ordering market reports is free for farmers who own or rent land. Companies that want to do market research will in future be able to take out subscriptions to obtain information on land values. It is therefore important to register your own farms to obtain the free information.

Find your farm

Search for farm by the official name by typing in a key word in the search box.

Search Results

The system will then give you some options of parcels or official farm names to select. Click on one of the results to automatically zoom to the location on the map.

Selected Portion

Add farms into your basket

After you have found your farm, it is important to register the farm as your own. Once the farm is registered in your profile, you can then use other services on the system.

As a first step, click on the "Claim as your farm" button.

Share Land Parcel

Each time you click the button, the selected land is added into your basket. At the top right of the screen you are shown how many pieces of land you have already added.

Shopping Cart Count

Register your farms

Once you have found all your land plots, then click on the basket to register your farms.

You will then be redirected to a page that groups your lands next to each other into farms.

Specify Farm Names

You can change the farm name by pressing the "Edit" button.

You can also still remove a land plot from the farm at this point by clicking on the tick box to the right of the land,.

Once the farms and lands look correct, click on "Next" to fill in your personal information.

Enter Personal Details

The last page is a confirmation that you have successfully registered. Keep an eye on your email to confirm your registration.